exhibition coam award 2005-2016. recent architecture from madrid

#house#1.130 at the exhibition "coam award 2005-2016. recent architecture from madrid"

29/09/2017 - 11/12/2017 - L-V de 8:00 a 20:00 h. / exhibition space, ground floor


the official board of architects of madrid (COAM) grants annually the COAM award, a distinction that guarantees excellence in architecture. the award has been given to built projects in the madrid community since 2005 and its reputation is well recognized.

after 12 years and 10 editions, it is time to take a look back. the exhibition and catalog are a retrospective review that invites the viewer to reflect and interpret the best architecture from madrid. 

more than 150 projects have been recognized during the years in the different categories.


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