"43 picos" public housing. madrid

the colony of "nuestra señora de los ángeles" is defined by an open block building. it is a set of blocks of similar characteristics or at least with a certain desire for similarity in whose arrangement however a sufficient number of singularities participate so that each block ends up needing a specific solution. the case at hand is a volume of 15 meters deep and a housing program exclusively with 1 bedroom. the combination of these two data naturally leads to an internal “street” scheme that distributes single-orientation homes on both sides. this access space is proposed illuminated and ventilated by means of vertical voids that offer as an interesting space experience while allowing the double ventilation of the houses. the housing solution focuses on the definition of the facade as a mattress space between interior and exterior. there is a geometric ratio of 2/3 (two equivalent spaces on the floor are divided into 3 to the facade) that allows to make the exterior bathrooms and establish an intermediate space that can be opened or closed making what was the same different and introduces a special vibration in the image of the building. modulation and repetition versus specific solution is the pitch of this project that makes the peculiar geometry of the site its best ally.


location: nuestra señora de los angeles, plot 12.1, madrid

client: emvs

date: February 2011

built area: 6870 sqm

design team:  maría hurtado de mendoza, césar jiménez de tejada, josé maría hurtado de mendoza, álvar ruiz.


  • first honorable mention (second prize) concurso público

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