cms sanblas public healthcare center. madrid

the healthcare centre san blas works with the idea of a “placeless building” like a very effective and categorical kind of way to develop a functional healthcare program situated in an almost irrelevant environment.  to underline the space richness in its interiors, we fell back on the corbusian idea of “conciliation of contraries”.  a hermetic and massive concrete exterior is put into contrast with the interior open and light space. the program for the health center us implemented extensively on a single ground floor. the different rooms of the program are organized on a loose irregular orthogonal grid, where thirteen patios with blue ceramic are arranged in a zigzag pattern between the public and private rooms along three parallel (non)-corridors. the inexistence of apertures in the vertical panels of the exterior jacket, provokes that the interior-exterior relation of the building is perceived vertically, stretching out to reach the sky. the transparency and mirroring qualities of the glass creates multiple visions by reflected symmetry. similarly, the reflective qualities of the vertical walls of blue tile laid in a fish scale pattern help to create a spacious and luminous interior atmosphere, almost as if the sky were brought inside the building. at the time of gestation of this project we attempted to explore in greater depth one way among the possible ways of interrelating that experimental and sensory form of conceiving space with the tempting spatial manifestation of pure form. between sensation and geometry.


location: pobladura del valle street 11, madrid. españa

client: madrid salud. ayuntamiento de madrid

date: competition 2005, project 2005, construction finish 2007

built area: 1.922,63 sqm

costs: pem 1.660.666,63; costs/sqm 1.192 euros

design team: estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, jose maria hurtado de mendoza, jorge martínez, laura frutos, vincent rodriguez, fabrice quemeneur, filipe minderico, alvar ruiz, miguel crespo, marco plazogna

consultans: geasyt (facilities), juan carlos corona, david gil (techinical engineer)

main contractor: j. quijano s.l.

photo credits: roland halbe


  • madrid's prize IV premio de arquitectura enor
  • third prize III premio bigmat de arquitectura
  • health care architecture award archdaily "building of the year" 2012
  • selected VII beau. bienal iberoamericana de arquitectura y urbanismo
  • honorable mention premio de arquitectura joven. X beau. bienal española de arquitectura y urbanismo 2009
  • first prize. best non-residential building XXII premios de urbanismo, arquitectura y obra pública. ayuntamiento de madrid 2007
  • first prize VI premios ascer
  • first prize concurso público


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