municipal public housing. cordoba

there are 5 buildings, in the spaces between them, ramp agreements are produced between the general access space, leveled at ground floor and sidewalks. in this way, a ground floor is generated at elevation with the sidewalks in contact with the northern limit of the solar. from the center of vertical communication, the entrance to the house is with a space in a glazed gallery at both ends, which functions as a lobby, from which it is possible to access the living room or the bedroom corridor. this gallery space has some courtyards at the ends that are protected from outside views by passing the light enclosure of the facade in front of you, so that a perforated metal skin, allows the passage of light, ensuring the privacy of the interiors. at the other end, there is a covered terrace space of the same background as the rooms, as an exterior stay, which allow direct ventilation of the spaces located in the center of the house. the kitchens allow double circulation from the bedroom area, allowing, for example, to go for a drink at night without having to cross the living room, and at the same time, attend with food both to the internal dining room, as to a possible dining table in the terrace spaces without having to cross through more intermediate places.


location: plot 8.8 of the pp o-3 of cordoba.

client: municipal housing of cordoba sa

date: 2017

built area: 14.508,45 sqm

costs: 7.546.526,16 €

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, jose maria hurtado de mendoza

consultants: diego balaguer thieleman (avant telecom), geasyt (mep).

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