mmec. museum of memory of colombia. bogota

between the ground and the sky.

the building for the museum of national memory of bogota is considered as an ascending, sequential and emotional route, between the ground and the urban sky. this begins and ends with 24 peaks - in a vertical mirror - that lightly touch that ground and that sky as beginning and end, and vice versa, because these are the places that unite us as colombians. these peaks, which in their multiplicity, represent the different political-philosophical positions of the actors of the colombian conflict, fall apart on the ground and in the sky, geographies that ultimately belong to everyone. suspended between the peaks of the ground and the peaks of the sky are the memory rooms, request of the program. the building is then an urban concrete piece that slightly touches the two fundamental ends of the urban space, soil and sky and in the middle houses the exhibition halls. the ascending route, from the plane of the city to the direct relationship with the hills and the sky, transports the spectator through the set of rooms to the “garden of nostalgia”, on the deck, beyond the “place of mourning”, from there to reach the horizon. nostalgia in its greek origin means "pain for an ancient wound", a wound that must be healed, healed with light. the six exhibition halls, of cubic proportions crowned with four vertical skylights in the form of a peak, are grouped two by two and on three levels, producing a concatenated diagonal relationship between them.


location:  26 street o av. jorge eliécer gaitán,  29 street,  av. américas and the nort limit of 26 street, tha adjoins with the future square of the concejo distrital

client: centro nacional de memoria histórica

date: 2019

built area: 14 812 sqm

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, alvar ruiz, maria urigoitia, eduardo blanes, belen gonzalez, adriana pablos, carlos diaz del rio, peio erroteta; pacheco estudio de arquitectura, s.a.s; felipe gonzález-pacheco, maria diaz, alvaro bohórquez, uriel rivera, josé cohecha.

consultants: cni ingenieros consultores s.a.s (structures), geasyt (mep), dicta s.a.s (mep), ribon&perry (costs).


  • shortlisted wan awards. future projects civic award 2016
  • first prize concurso internacional


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